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We are the Buddasbest family. We are of, and in, the community. We are exactly who you are – athletes, professionals,moms, dads and grandparents. And, we have spared no expense in producing the highest quality “Full Spectrum CBD” products that money can buy. Firstly for ourselves and our extended families, and now for you…All CBD’s are not created alike. Buddasbest calls our commitment “From Seed to Soul.” It starts with balanced fertile soil that has regular crop rotation to maintain our near perfect Colorado planting environment. Then, our plants are organically fertilized and protected with certified organic plant food and certified organic pest protection which means healthier plants that are free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers and dyes.

Once the plants are harvested, Buddasbest uses an expensive CO2 extraction process to remove the CBD from the plant that leaves no nasty residue in the final product. Our natural CBD products are then third party certified by an independent lab –  that means that each harvest is what we say it is. Finally, our product is immersed and served in full plant hemp oil so that your body can enjoy the pure CBD plus the hundreds of healthy compounds found naturally in the hemp plant.

Our product is simply “the best that you can buy” regardless of price.

Bart Coia
Founder at Buddasbest.

Richard and Natalie Gonzalez-Quevedo
Founders at Buddasbest. Professional Athletes. Entrepreneurs.

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